Thursday, December 8, 2016

Three Wisemen Box Card

Three stencil silhouette-style magi have small, 
detailed shapes assembled on offset base 
with attached bridge at bottom. 
Bridge assemblies attach at the box base 
"interior" flanked by shaped flaps 
(front flap attaches in place with mini brad), 
accent shapes, with box side accents. 
Measures approx. 3x3x8 when open.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main card base   
B back panel outer overlay (longer in final design)
C side outer panel accent shapes (2)
D front outer panel accent shape (includes punch hole)
E plaque and word cuts "follow His Star"
F flap top side full size overlays with accents (2)
G flap top front full size overlay with accent
H comet tail for star
I star base & star point overlays
2. Prepare the card base by bending back on
all vertical perforation lines (including side tab)
and on flap perf lines.
3. On the outside of base, position and attach
the C & D outer panel accent shapes, offset
on sides and lower edges, top edges aligned
right next to flap perf lines.
4. Position and attach the outer back panel
with edges lined up as exactly as possible
where they correspond to each other.
Also position and attach the comet tail shape
to the top of the back panel.
5. NOTE: if the selected card base stock
has a desirable backside, 
you may choose to omit the full size overlays.
Layer and attach the F & G flap accent shapes
centered over the full size flap shapes with 
straight top edges lined up.
6. Position and attach the flap assemblies over
the "inside" surface of the box base,
straight edges aligned at perforation lines,
outer edges lined up as exactly as possible.
7. Bend the box base into a tube shape to bring
the side seam tab to line up with free lower edge
of the back panel. Adjust to align lower edges,
Complete the side seam either by attaching the
side flange tab on the inner surface of the
back panel, -OR-  by wrapping it around
the side edges of the back panel and gluing
it in place there.
8. Position and attach the star points onto
the star base.
Position and attach the star over the
end of the comet tail.
9. Attach the word cuts, centered, to the plaque.
One way to assist with the positioning is
to retain the "waste" portion around the words
(if they were left grouped and cut together)
trimmed close on the ends so that the plaque ends
are visible, then position and adjust this "stencil" 
over the plaque shape, making light end markings
at each end of the three words.
Remove stencil, position and attach words
according to guide marks.
10. Bend the front flap into position and attach
with mini brad through all layers
(or glue-tack in place and attach stud).
11. Position and attach the plaque assembly.
12. NOTE the final designs for the magi
were corrected/refined in the final design.
These final positions and layouts are
shown in the line drawings below.
Refer to these rather than the photo image
for the model project.
(Most changes involved filling in the
stencil-style spacing between some of
the shapes such as head gear elements,
faces and beards.)

13. Lay out and identify the "Bridge 1" front wiseman.
NOTE that the head gear jewel is cut as an underlay
that shows thru only at the front oval area.
Also, the contrast underlays for face 
(shows thru as eye) and the sleeve zigzag
detail, and the head scarf has edge accents.
14. Position and attach the sleeve underlay
on the backside of the sleeve, and . . .
. . . attach the edge accents to head scarf.
15. Layer and attach the crown and jewel.
16. Begin assembling the accent shapes
onto the bridge base, working from the bottom
upward, with offset spacing in between
shapes and at edges.
(This shot shows the first half of shapes.
Continue to add remainder until complete.)
17. NOTE the order number cut into 
the bridge tabs of each bridge.
18. Lay out and assemble the second bridge wiseman
as shown here. NOTE that the sleeve has an underlay
that shows thru as the stars color, gift cask has
inner square with checker top accent, band and
knob, and that the face has eye show-thru underlay.
19. Begin positioning and attaching the shapes
to bridge 2 as shown, working from bottom upward
until . . .
. . . all the shapes are in place.
20. Lay out and assemble the bridge 3 wiseman
as shown. NOTE that the face has underlay
that shows thru as eye, lower arm/hand
segment is a base shape that is cut as
the main vessel color, with hand, sleeve segment,
vessel bands and top knob attached in place.
21. Continue adding the shapes until . . .
. . . the figure is complete.
22. Prepare bridges by bending the side tabs back.
23. Identify the bridge alignment guide mark cuts
on each inner side panel of the box interior.
Apply adhesive to the outer surface of the tabs,
then position the #3 bridge (front of bend)
at the back guide mark . . . 
. . . with the top edge of the bridge aligned
at the flap perforation bend on each side.
24. As the adhesive is "curing", fold the box card
assembly into its flattened position and apply
pressure where the tabs within the layers
are attaching inside the box cavity to allow
for any slight self-adjusting to take place,
as well as to secure the bridge tabs attachment.
(Repeat this step after each bridge is placed.)
25. Position and attach bridge 2 at the
middle set of guide marks . . .
. . . then bridge 1 at the forward guide marks.
Here is the completed box card open
for display.
A second slightly side view.
Fold the box card flat to insert into
an adequately large envelope
for mailing or giving.

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