Friday, December 2, 2016

Tall Triangles Tree Stocking

Create a paper Christmas stocking - 
and back it with felt - for seasonal display. 
Tall Yule tree is composed of tall isosceles triangles 
which are put together on a silhouette base 
(with guide marks). Add trunk shape, 
or cut the base as the trunk color. 
Add cuff and toe with strips, "real" or paper buttons,
hanging loop from paper or ribbon,
then layer with felt shape (cut with template)
and lace through edge punches.
Use as a card with cash, written note,
or gift card inside.
Measures approx. 11" x 6.75".

ASSEMBLY: 1. Cut the shapes:
Shown here (l to r): main stocking front base,
tree assembly base/trunk, star layers (5),
tree triangles.
NOT SHOWN: Cuff, toe and accent strips;
stocking outer front with lacing hole punches;
hanging loop; felt stocking back (cut using template)
2. Arrange the triangles in the four rows as shown
at right.
3. Re-assemble the rows onto the tree base,
which in this sample is also the TRUNK "show-thru".
Position the triangles, one by one, beginning at one
end of the bottom tree straight edge (above trunk;
if using the separate trunk shape, place it first).
Take care to match the base and triangle edges
when they should align, and use guide cut marks
on the base to assist with placement as necessary.
After the first row, continue to add the next row,
and the next until all shapes are positioned.
If there is any overhang or inconsistency
at the tree base edges, trim even with
scissors or rotary cutter and ruler.
4. Identify the trunk corner positioning
guide marks on the stocking main front. Then . . .
. . . position and attach the patchwork tree unit,
taking care to "center" the tree tip, and make
sure it is vertical in comparison to stocking sides.
5. Layer and attach the build up shapes to
create the star "button", taking care that
punch holes and all edges line up as
precisely as possible.
(Or purchase star buttons for cuff, toe and tree.)
6. Attach cuff and toe strips at top and bottom
of the main stocking shape. 
7. Add accent strips to cuff 
and toe appropriate edges.
8. Thread and tie decorative twine,
cord or floss through button holes.
9. Position the stocking front assembly onto
the stocking outer front, aligning top straight
edges and centering side to side, and attach.
10. Use cutting template shape to hand-cut the
felt stocking base.
11. Curl "hanging loop" strip to place one punch end on 
front of card, opposite end onto back and glue in place. 
Add decorative button at loop front bottom end.
12. Layer the stocking paper assembly over
the felt back shape and align upper edges,
center from side to side. 
Secure with paper clips or folio clips.
13. Thread a crewel or darning needle 
with a 40" length of decorative twine, cord, 
or 6-ply floss. Anchor on backside, then thread up 
through an end hole. Complete a "lacing" stitch 
where the thread(s) wrap around the edges of 
all layers with needle coming back-to-front 
with each stitch. Complete a final stitch through 
the same hole, then tie off with a knot neatly 
on the backside. 
14. Position and attach tree button at top.

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