Friday, December 2, 2016

Cookies Specially For Santa Plate Vinyl

Create a tradition by customizing a ceramic plate 
that will greet Santa on Christmas Eve. 
Center "registration" cross hairs mark of vinyl 
at plate center (use tape and pencil marks 
to locate plate center) to help with centering the arch. 
Prepared for a standard 11" round dinner plate. 
Or reduce slightly for a smaller plate. 

(Consult the vinyl application tutorial of your choice,
then compare it with the following suggested steps.)

1. Set up the cutting job and cut the vinyl of your
choice. Trim excess a narrow distance above
the cut lettering, approx. 3/4" or so.
2. Carefully remove the excess vinyl and weed
out the letter interiors.
NOTE: to conserve vinyl from the available piece,
the model cut the star shapes away from the
completed arch, and then re-attached these to
lower side edges, as can be seen in next photo.
Here is the prepared and weeded vinyl,
with stars in place.
NOTE the center "+" cross hairs alignment mark.
This is a critical part of the positioning that
will be described in this tutorial.
3. Position and attach the transfer sheet over the
vinyl cut letters.
(NOTE that separate transfer sections will be
applied to include the star extensions.)
4. "Burnish" or rub the areas where the vinyl letters
will need to stick to the transfer sheet.
This will help them separate easily from the
vinyl backing or carrier sheet (blue).
5. Place a few strips of masking tape
(near the top - the far right tape was moved
before the final application here) that will act
as "hinges" to help with the positioning, then
keep the design in place while the backing
is removed.
6. Use a "T" pin as the pivot/guide pointer,
inserted and pushed at least half way through
exactly at the center of the + cross hairs mark.
7. Place a piece of masking tape at the center
of the plate - eye this to best of ability.
8. Use a ruler edge positioned as close as possible
across the center of the plate, and make a line
on the tape at the mark.
9. Repeat step 8 at the perpendicular position,
and make a second mark.
The resulting marks should cross to create
an X as the "center" of the plate.
(An alternative to the measuring and marking
of steps 8-9 is to trace and cut the plate's
silhouette from newsprint or other waste paper,
then fold in half and half again to create
a quarter circle shape. Use this wedge aligned
at plate's edge to locate the center point and mark.)
10. Position the tip of the T pin exactly the the
center of the X cross marks . . . 
. . . hold securely in place as the transfer/vinyl
assembly is slid down the pin until it touches
the plate rim, then apply pressure to attach
the "hinges" tape to the plate.
Remove the T pin.
11. Taking care not to move the hinge tape,
gently lift the transfer sheet to peel the backing
paper away. Make sure that the vinyl completely
transfers onto the transfer sheet.
12. Re-position the transfer sheet/vinyl, then
burnish the areas of the lettering to help it
attach securely to the plate.
13. Carefully peel back the transfer sheet and
the hinge tape, leaving the vinyl lettering in place.
This is a slow and delicate process, so relax
and take the time it may require.
Apply finger pressure to make sure all vinyl pieces
adhere securely in place, except . . .
. . . the center cross hairs vinyl can be lifted away.
Here is the completed plate, ready to fill
with all those delicious Christmas goodies.

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