Sunday, December 11, 2016

Santa Workshop 3D Carton

Put this festive piece to work as decor
or as a unique seasonal gift box.
Bottom flaps slots together securely,
but can be "unlatched" to fold flat for storage.
Arrange and attach front door, roof line, 
candy canes on front panel, 
windows with shutters and heart on sides, 
layer shake roof shapes on front (and back if desired) 
with top section overlapping top tabs. 
Wrap "snow" shape around back and sides. 
Close carton with ribbon through punch holes at top tabs. 
Measures approx. 3.5"x3.5"x6.5". 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A carton body (front and sides)
B carton body (back)
C snow strip for front and sides
D shakes layer for front roof, top flange
E roof gable crest, wreath
F sign base, accent and word cuts
G door assembly (frame, door, heart)
H candy cane base & stripes (l & r)
I window assembly: frame, base, shutters, 
brackets, heart (2 sets of assembly)
2. Prepare the carton body shapes by creasing
on the perforation lines as shown in the diagram:
green dashed lines = valley fold (face sides together)
red dashed lines = mountain fold (back sides together)

3. Join the back and main sections by overlapping
the straight edge of side panel over the back panel's
tabs to perforation lines, and gluing in place
into one panel.
4. Form the carton into a tube to bring the
straight side edge of the back panel to overlap
the tabs of the front panel's side edge to
perforation line, and glue in place.
NOTE: the symmetry of the carton body shape
will allow this overlapping and alignment,
pressing flat as shown in this image.
5. Perform a "test run" folding of the bottom
flap latch procedure:
a. fold in the "U" front section flap inward
b. Fold the side flaps inward and tuck the
inward points under the 'U' edge.
c. Fold the back flap inward, flex slightly
to insert the 'tongue' under the 'U' edge.
Here is the bottom latching completed.
6. At the top of the carton, perform a 'test run'
closure by assisting the side "triangle" gusset
panels to bend toward center, then bring
the top flanges together so that the punch holes
line up.
7. Prepare to assemble the "Santa's Workshop"
sign by layering the word cuts onto the
sign "accent" shape (top layer).
HINT: Cut the words without "ungrouping"
the words, then retain the waste area. Trim
the ends close so that the shape beneath can
still be seen, then position over the accent
(top layer) shape, adjust, hold in place
while lightly marking a few significant guide points
such as the bottom ends of the words, etc.
8. Assemble the left & right facing candy canes
by positioning the stripe shapes onto the
base, and attaching.
HINT: use the waste area from the "grouped"
cut of the stripes overlaid on the base
to make light guide marks.
9. Complete the remaining pre-assembly
of the decorative elements, including
bending the room gable shape with
a "valley" fold near top, layering
the sign shapes, layering and attaching
door arch frame over door (bottoms even)
with heart centered.
10. Complete two sets of the window
ensemble, including layering the window frame
over the window base (line up punch holes),
attaching shutter brackets approx. 3/8" up or
down from bottom or top edges.
Position heart over frame bar and glue in place,
attach accent mini brad through all layers.
11. Prepare the roof shakes assembly
by layering the middle and upper rows
over the bottom/base layer (top and
side edges aligned) and gluing together
where the surfaces overlap.
12. Bend the bottom scallops of the
top flange shape upward slightly.
This shape may eventually be
attached over other shakes assembly,
or left free.
13. Prepare the snow strip by bending back
at the vertical perforation lines.
14. Position the center portion over the
center front panel, perforations aligned
at the carton body perforation lines.
NOTE: It is suggested that this shape be
completely attached at the side portions
later in the assembly, when the carton is in
its fully opened position. Once the glue is
dried, the carton can be folded flat again
with self-adjustments as they happen.
15. Position the accent shapes over the carton
body and attach in place, including door,
shakes assembly, side panel window ensemble.
16. Continue to add accent shapes in logical
order, including gable crest with perf lined up
at carton horizontal bend at top third, candy canes
overlapping door frame, sign above gable point,
wreath below gable, etc.
17. Wrap and complete the attachment
of the snow strip.
Add berry studs to the wreath.
18. To close the carton top, bring the top
flanges together with punch holes aligned.
Thread ribbon through holes and tie
in a neat bow.

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