Friday, October 20, 2017

Tall Box With Lid

Decorative or gift box can design measures 
approx. 9.25x4x4 has closely-fitted lid. 
Accent shapes can be used to add 
favorite print pattern panels to box and lid sides and top 
(box side accent panel is shorter than lid overlap). 
Reinforcement interior top hollow "collar" 
and base insert shapes help make this box sturdy. 
Optional lid and accent shapes with center screw hole 
included to attach a purchased wooden ball 
(or other knob) as a decorative finial. 
This "decorated" version has fussy-cut panels
from specialty print card stock "Siri's Garden - Labels" (PDS5309)
from PION design.
(May be available here:
Siris-Kitchen--12x12-Double-Sided-Cardstock--Labels_p_115303.html )

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box body half   B box body half
C box bottom to join to body assembly
D interior bottom reinforcement squares (3)
E box side accent rectangles
F lid main shape   G interior collar reinforcement
H lid top accent   I lid side accents
J under-lid reinforcements (4) for knob attachment

Additional accent shapes for side panels
from "Siri's Garden" specialty print.
2. Prepare the two box main body shapes by
bending back on all vertical wall perforations
and lower edge flange tabs as shown.
3. Overlap one side straight edge over side
flange to perforation line, align top and bottom
edges or tab perf lines, and glue together.
4. Position the add-on bottom panel below the panel
without the tab, with tab under straight edge,
and glue in place.
5. Position each side panel accent rectangle
within one of the box side wall panels, with
approx. .125" offset at sides and bottom
(there will be extra at the top as shown to allow
for the lid overlap when in place), and glue in place.
6. Form the main box assembly into a tube to
bring the straight edge to overlap the flange tab
opposite to perf line, and glue in place.
7. Bend bottom panel into position, square up
the box tube, and glue in place to flanges.
One method for securing bottom panel is to
invert onto flat surface then reach hand inside
box tube and apply pressure with fingertips.
8. Layer the three bottom reinforcement squares
and glue together, taking care to align all outer
edges as precisely as possible.
NOTE: Whenever layering shapes to achieve
a thicker, stiffer reinforcement shape such as this,
use a flat heavy weight placed on top of the drying
stack until adhesive is dry, in order to prevent
curling or warping.
9. Apply glue to bottom of the reinforcement unit,
then insert into the box tube to position and
attach on the backside of box bottom panel.
10. Prepare the interior collar reinforcement shape
by bending side flanges forward/upward,
as shown.
11. Apply adhesive to the underside/outside
of side flanges, then insert collar into the top opening
of the box body . . . 
. . . pressing down into position where collar flange
top edges are even with box opening top edges.
12. Prepare the lid shape by bending back on all
top, side, tab and edge flanges back as shown.
Also position and attach the top and sides accent
shapes with approx. .125" offset all around.
13. Prepare the under-lid reinforcement squares
(if using the hole-punched lid for knob finial)
by layering and gluing together all four shapes,
taking care that punch holes and edges all line up
as precisely as possible.
14. Position the reinforcement shape
on the underside of the lid shape so that
holes line up, and glue in place.
15. Bend side walls up into position to overlap
straight edge at corner over adjacent tab, align
exactly at perf line, and glue in place.
Repeat for all four corners
16. Apply glue to flange backsides and bend each
to the inside of lid and glue in place to wall
backside. NOTE: one way to accomplish this, 
is to place the wall being glued up face down on
work surface and applying finger pressure
all along the wall from the back.
17. Prepare the optional knob finial by obtaining
a screw that fits drilled hole, painting or finishing
wooden knob, etc.
17. Position knob over punch circle of lid and
attach securely with screw inserted from
lid underside.
18. To complete box, place lid on top.
NOTE: it should fit fairly snugly.
Here is the completed box.
Complete decoration or addition of
other print panels as desired.

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