Sunday, October 29, 2017

Thanksgiving Ornament Tree

Traditional Thanksgiving motifs convert 
the "Stars Tree Display Stand" into a 
"Thanksgiving Tree Display". 
Purchase Stars Tree Display Stand file separately.

 Create a dozen Thanksgiving ornaments in 
mix or match fashion 
(including some from Fall season set). 
Then attach twine bows with a "loop" 
behind top of ornament, and hang from "tabs" 
on tree arms for colorful autumn decor. 

NOTE: The assembly steps for the ornament tree
are described in a separate tutorial
(Egg Tree Display Stand Assembly)
which can be found here.
Follow Step 1 below, then jump to the other
tutorial for steps 2-25, then return to follow
the turkey finial preparation below beginning in step 2.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A tail feathers back layer
B tail feathers mid layer
C tail features front layer
(individual feather shapes also provided)
D body front   E wattle/head layer
F head  G eye show-thru and whites
H beak show-thru and beak
I body spacer shape
J tree shapes: "new" top arm back layer
with punch hole for turkey alignment,
back bracket, pole top hexagon
2. Begin the turkey finial decoration by layering
the wattle/head layer over the head portion
of the main body, layering eyes and beak
fronts over their respective "show-thru" layers,
and attaching the body space shape at the bottom
edge with punch holes and edges aligned.
Also layer the tail feathers front, mid and back
with punch holes and lower edges aligned,
and glue together.
3. Position and attach the head front, eyes,
and beak to the tail feathers assembly.
4. Position the turkey unit behind the top arm
shape in the finial file (includes the alignment punch)
and attach at the face of the space shape only.
5. Position and attach the turkey/arm unit to
the tree's top arm assembly.
6. Position and attach the top arm assembly
to the center post, using the dash alignment
mark near top of pole as reference
(see Step 30 in the Egg Tree tutorial).

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