Sunday, October 8, 2017

Witches Gather Swirl Card

A swirl of pointed hats around a bubbling cauldron - 
must be witches' night out! 
Uniquely-shaped edge Halloween card features 
lots of see-thru spaces, six witch hats, six tiny bats, 
center "witches' soup" layered bubbles hex ring, 
"Witches Gather" layered sentiment. 
Back of card matches front shape and center hex, 
with top portion perforation that acts as hinge. 
A back-of-card message plaque provides space 
for personalization - since the see-thru front 
makes it difficult to include much inside. 
Measures approx. 7x7 when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card front with cutouts
B card base (back)     C bat overlays (6) 
D Hat overlay components (6 sets) including
hat, band and buckle or star
E center cauldron bubbles base
Bubble overlays (6 ea.): F sm, G lrg, H lrg partial
I optional back sentiment panel
J "jot" contrast for "Witches" word cut
K "Withes" word cut
L "Witches gather" word cut base
M "gather" contrast word cut overlay
(NOTE: During the building of prototype,
the color selections for J, K, M were changed
so the final card does not match these shapes)
2. Position and attach the bat overlays onto
card front where matching cut edges indicate.
3. Prepare the 6 hat units by attaching hat band
and star or buckle to hat cut outs.
4. Position and attach the hat units in the spaces
between window cutouts, centering bottom
straight edge and tip evenly between inner hex
and outer ring cut edges.
5. Prepare the "cauldron" bubble unit by
positioning the small bubble circle overlays
in the left position where cutout edges indicate,
as shown here. Then  . . . 
. . . position the partial bubble shapes below
and left of the small bubbles in the adjacent
sections (fit partial concave edge to small
circle edge), then finally . . . 
. . . position and attach the large bubble circles
next to the partial bubbles, fitting curved edges
into the concave edge of partial as shown.
6. The cauldron ring is an "underlay" that will
be placed at the center of the ring . . . 
. . . under the center hexagon cutout edge.
To do this, apply adhesive the the outer face edge 
of cauldron underlay, and to the backside edge
of the hexagon opening of card front assembly,
then place behind the opening, adjusting to allow
an even, narrow margin of the underlay hexagon
"frame" edge to show. 
7. Prepare the word cut unit by centering and
attaching the "Witches" overlay onto the unit
base, with contrast "jot" shape over 'i', then
 attaching "gather" overlay where edges will align.
(NOTE: these colors are different from those
selected for the final card version.)
8. Position and attach the word cut unit
over the front of the card assembly,
approximately centered top to bottom,
actually centered side to side.
NOTE: consider using foam squares to make
the word cut float above the cauldron slightly.
9. Prepare the card back by bending the upper
portion forward at the perforation.
10. Position and attach the above-perforation
portion of back to the top back of the card front.
CAUTION: adhesive applied uniformly across
the top back panel will result in unsightly glue
showing through the cutouts on the front. 
Take care to apply adhesive only where needed,
such as above perf lines on back, and on
backside of card front in visualized area needed.
11. Position and attach the sentiment panel
to the above-perf area of card back.
Here is the completed card
(with first-choice word cut colors), and here . . . 
. . . is the improved color selection.


  1. Hi Jodi, I love this card. Is there any possibility that you sell the svg's used to cut the parts? If so, where can I purchase.

    1. Hi. I appreciate your early response to this card. It will be available as soon as tomorrow through our online store for purchase and download as an svg file. There is a companion envelope as well "Pumpkin Face 7x7 Envelope". Hope you can find it there. Also later in this coming week through our other outlet, SVG Attic a part of a set entitled "Witches Gather" with other 3d and 2d designs. Also, if accepted, through Silhouette America where we are contributing designers.

    2. Hey Quinceyface, this design was made available through and is now ready to purchase and download. Have fun!

    3. Hi Jodi, Thanks so much, I found the card and envelope and a couple of other svgs as well. By the way, what is the subscription? Bronze, Silver, Gold about?

    4. I'm afraid I keep to myself and my design laptop - I don't know what those refer to. You should be able to message the web master to find out. Sorry.