Sunday, October 8, 2017

With Hat With Bow Rocker Card

Flattened witch hat shape features brim folded 
at mid-line that slides over crown point to form card. 
Dimensional three-part bow 
(with or without mini brad) simply adorns center. 
Half-moon shape to place inside provides 
a sentiment space. 
Measures approx. 5" tall x 4.75" wide when closed. 
May also be suitable as a cello treat bag topper.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A hat brim   B brim/crown front
C crown back with bottom edge tab
D interior sentiment panel
E bow loops  F bow streamers  G bow center
2. Prepare the crown back by bending the bottom
flange tab forward.
3. Position and attach the crown back to
backside of crown/brim shape.
Lower edge flange tab remains unattached.
4. Prepare the brim unit by bending back at 
the side center perforation lines.
5. Prepare the join the brim to the crown/brim
assembly by first applying adhesive to the face side
of the tab flange, then . . . 
. . . slipping the brim section opening
(straight edge toward back)
over the crown point and sliding it down into
position, until . . . 
. . . crown bend edge is seated snug agains
crown unit edges, as shown here.
6. Position and attach the sentiment panel
on the inside back of the brim.
7. Prepare the look shape by adding curl to
the center of the loop extension on both left
and right. To do this, use a rod shaped tool
such as a round pencil shaft, with loop shape
between pencil and thumb. Apply pressure
as the loop is drawn across the tool edge.
8. Prepare the loop unit by bringing each loop
end "tab" area to center back in turn,
attaching first one side, then the other.
9. Position and attach loop unit over streamers
shape, matching punch circles at center.
10. Position and attach center only of center strip
over loop/streamer unit, matching punch circles.
11. Insert and attach decorative brad at center . . .
. . . bending back prongs, then . . . 
. . . bend back center strip at streamer edges,
first one side and then the other, and
attach in place.
12. Position and attach the bow in place
on the front of the completed hat
(quick grab glue recommended).
Here is the completed rocker card.

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