Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dimensional Holly Wreath Projects

 Available soon from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store
is a dimensional holly leaf wreath quilt block design
that was used to create the unique holiday pillow seen here.
The wreath cut shapes were used to trace and prepare
hand-appliqued (edge seam allowances turned under)
wreath and heart, which were stitched to the
black print base block.
The leaf shape was traced on doubled fabric rectangles
placed face sides together. Layers were machine stitched
with shortened stitches all around. Turning slit cut in back layer,
turned and pressed, then positioned and topstitched along the
curved edge and up the center almost to the tip.
Complete the pillow with accent borders of choice.

Use the basic stocking body shapes from SnapDragon Snippets
through the Silhouette America online store.
Adjust the wreath size, if desired, then prepare the applique
shapes as described above, or as fusible machine appliques.
Add border "checker" panels and contrast cuff and toe
as shown, and paired leaf shapes with heart for the cuff.
Review stocking completion steps in a separate blog.

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