Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snowflake 3D Box Construction Tips

Now available from SnapDragon Snippets
through the America online store is this
"3d snowflake box".
Download the file and then use it as a "winter" treats box,
or as a dimensional object for your shelf or cubby,
or use the lid alone as an element in a winter wreath,
or a dangler between letters on a "WINTER" banner or swag.
Be creative: glue rhinestone jewels where the
circle punches are cut (crystal, blue, light blue, or a combination).

Step 1:  Identify and cut the parts needed to create the box.

As top row are the two LID boxing strips (with built-in rim reinforcement) and lid "star".
As bottom row are the two BASE boxing strips and base "star" (very slightly smaller).
Shown also is the decorative snowflake shape for the LID.

Step 2.  Follow the illustrated construction steps for the "Sun Flower 3d Tutorial" to prepare, attach and join boxing strips to LID and BASE shapes.

Step 3. Apply glue to the snowflake shape backside and attach, centered, to the LID face.

Step 4. Slide the LID over the BASE to finish the box. NOTE that the LID fits quite snugly over the BASE.


  1. Adorable! But before I buy, I want to make sure I have a good grasp on how to construct it, and the link to the 3D Sunflower Box (where this post says to go to find the illustrated boxing strips instructions) isn't working - says my Google account doesn't have access to that page - looks like it might link to a version of the page that only the blog owner can access.

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