Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Canning (Mason) Jar Lids for Gifts

Use the Silhouette system
and the "lid circles for mason jars paper or fabric"
cut file to add the finishing touch to
your home made canned or assembled

For paper, cut the shape in the file that includes the perforations and the tiny wedge cut-out that will allow the pleats to fold appropriately. Also choose the regular or wide mouth larger size that you need.

Fold the perforations to create the pleats. Fold the right perforation as "mountain" fold, and the left perforation as a "valley" fold.

Thread a large-eye (darning or crewel) needle with 24" or so of cord, twine, or ribbon and lace it through the hole pairs as shown. Lace it all the way around.

Place the cover over the mason jar lid . . .

 . . . then cinch up the cord and tie knot and bows.

Because the card stock or print paper usually can't be cinched as tightly as fabric, you may want to place a foam adhesive square on the lid to help keep it in place until your recipient wishes to remove the cover to enjoy the contents.

If you prefer, you can cut the lid circle from fabric, but first the fabric needs to be stabilized with either fusible web (fabric interfacing) or with a sizing product shown here.

Terial Magic Spray is a stiffener which prepares fabric to be stiff enough to be placed directly onto the cutting mat without the fusing glue of the other alternative.

You can see a tutorial here. In the picture, I am spraying my 7-8" fabric square with the liquid, making sure it is saturated.

Following product directions, I fold many layers and squeeze to help the liquid spread through all. This helps conserve the spray which getting my fabric fully saturated.

Unfold and allow the fabric to dry partially.

Press the fabric square to be completely dry. If it dried too completely, re-apply slightly, then iron dry.

 Position the fabric on the mat just like you would paper, adjust the settings (I prefer to use the "cotton canvas" setting almost always for fabric), sent the job to the cutter, then eject and peel the fabric and circle from the mat.

NOTE: having a good grip mat (relatively new, that is) is fairly essential when cuttiing Terial Magic prep'd fabric.
Thread ribbon or cord through holes, just as with card stock or paper. Place on jar and cinch up fullness and tie similarly, too. Then take a moment to adjust the fullness and the pleats so they fold all in one direction around the jar lid.

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