Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dimensional Ice Skate Tutorial

Miniature, dimensional strap-on style skate ornament
cut file design is now available
from SnapDragon Snippets through
Silhouette America's online store.
Ornament measures approx. 1.5" tall (plus strap loop) x 6.25" (blade tip to tip).
Skate is created as a "lid" and a "base" which fit together
to form the platform where heel, toe and blade are attached.
Large hole at heel top allows for a ribbon loop
to hang from tree, peg or gift.

Step 1. Identify and cut the parts required. Shown here are pieces for one LEFT skate. LEFT "COLUMN" includes blade, base boxing shapes and sole base shape (blade connector holes)
COLUMN" includes contrast toe band, heel piece, contrast buckle, strap, toe piece, upper boxing strips and upper sole

(Not shown are the contrast "rivet" circle punches that are included in the cut file.)

Step 2. Build sole upper assembly. Identify upper boxing strips. Strip 1 includes the "H" cutout in the "heel" tab at the right end.

The other upper boxing strip has NO symbol at the tab end. (The BASE boxing strip 2 includes a small triangle symbol to identify it as the base boxing strip, and the BASE strip 1 has "h" lower case symbol for the "heel" tab.)

Step 3. Fold back the tabs of upper boxing strip 1 (with "H"). Add curl (toward the face side) along the center, multi-slash area by pulling between thumb and finger. It will be easier to curl with the tabs straightened.

Step 4. Add glue to the "H" tab, then position at the center edge of the more-rounded end which is the heel end. Hold in place until secure.

Step 5. Apply glue to the next 3 tabs, then align one at at time to the corresponding edge and hold in place until secure.

Step 6. Identify the boxing section BEYOND the part that corresponds to the curved part of the sole. Apply glue to the tab, align and hold that section in place.

Step 7. Apply glue to the curved tabs, then adjust the the ridge and sole edges to match, then apply pressure from inside until the entire edge is secure.

Step 8. Prepare second strip as for first strip. Attach second upper strip end over tab.

Step 9. Align and attach remaining toe tabs, curved edge tabs and heel tabs as previously done (but see step 10 before attaching all tabs).

Step 10. Overlap final end and tab and glue in place. When secure, re-position heel tabs and secure in place.

Step 11. Insert buckle tab through buckle center post. Fold tab inward on perforation.

Step 12. Apply glue and attach tab on inside of heel piece. 

Add inward curl to the heel piece edge as was done for the curved portion of the upper sole tab. 

Step 13. Locate the small cut guidemarks at the center of the heel straight edge. These will align with the side edges of the center back boxing section. Apply glue to that boxing section, overlap heel so that bottom edges of each line up, then hold until secure.

Step 14. Attach one heel side, then the other by applying glue to the boxing and/or the heel inside surface in the areas that correspond, then wrap toward the center of the sole and hold surfaces together until glue is secure.

Step 15. Fold the toe tabs back slightly. Identify the center tab, then apply glue to the tab backside, Align tab sides with center section sides, also align tab fold "ridge" with ridge of sole/boxing. Hold in place until glue is secure.

Step 16. Apply glue and attach tabs to the boxing on one side, then on the other. Tabs should align fairly closely to the sections of the boxing.

This is what the upper assembly should look like to this point of the construction.

Step 17. Add some curl to the toe strip . . .

 . . . then apply glue to the backside, center guidemarks at center boxing section, and hold in place until secure. Align and glue each side into place, covering all the toe attachment tabs. 

Step 18. Add slight curl to the strap, then overlap circle cut outs and glue end of strap in place. Insert a small brad through holes, if desired. 

NOTE that there is an "extra" strap shape without the hole punch which can be substituted for the one shown here. Just align the end to hide the heel hole.

 Step 19. Prepare blade by folding inward along perforation, folding end tabs back as shown. Apply glue evenly to the inner surface that will touch opposite surface, then attach the two to each other. Hold and smooth to make sure there is even and thorough attachment.

Step 20. Apply glue to blade tabs, then align and attach to base sole face side. 

Step 21. Prepare and attach the base boxing strips in a similar fashion as was used for upper, beginning with "h" heel end, etc.

Step 22. Fit completed base into completed upper assembly as shown. Apply glue between the boxing layers, then apply pressure appropriately to secure the two parts together. 

Step 23. Cut contrasting "rivet" circles and apply as desired.

Suggestions: a) Attach one at center and each end of heel halfway up the boxing depth, then center one in the space between center and side dots for a total of 5 for the heel. b) Attach 5 in similar fashion to toe strip, including the punched end holes. c) Attach one over the strap hole if not using a brad. d) Attach one over each blade tab hole for a total of 4.

If desired, insert a hanging loop through the heel center back hole. In this image, a 13" length of satin ribbon has been looped and inserted through the hold, then the ends passed through the loop. Ends are simple knot-tied and ends trimmed to size.

Create a "right" skate by reversing the pieces to be cut.

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