Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Butterfly 3D Accent

Just the right add-on accent for many decor projects, 
gifts or cards. Butterfly with modest swallow tail has 
front and back layers that sandwich color contrast layer 
where colored shapes can fit for extra variation. 
Wings bend away from narrow body which can serve 
as a attachment platform for gluing to projects 
such as Egg 3D Forms as a visual treat. 
Measures approx. 2.65” wide x 2.75” tall before bending. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main butterfly "rm" with perforation lines
B backside left and right "rim" shapes
C & D middle layer left and right contrast wings
(NOTE if using card stock that matches front
and back, only ONE middle layer for l & r are needed)
E body/antennae with eyes shape
F & G punch circle accent shapes for front and back
H, I & J fill-in shapes top to bottom for lower wing
2. Prepare the main rim shape by bending both wings
forward on the perforation lines as shown.
3. Position and attach the middle layer wings onto
the back of the main wings rim shape,
taking care that the straight inward edge does not
cross the perforation line on main wings shape.
4. Position the back (detached) left and right wings
onto the back of the assembly . . . 
. . . matching the outer edges, with the straight
inward edge lining up next to the perforation
line of the main body shape.
5. Fit each accent shape into the appropriate
window cut out of the wing and attach in place 
to the middle layer.
6. Position and attach the body.
7. Position and attach the eyes shape into
the eyes cut out opening.
If desired, add pupil dots with fine tip pen.
Here is the completed dimensional butterfly.

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