Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Egg 3D Form Diamonds and Stripes

Dimensional egg form for Easter or spring decor can stand alone
of include bottom stub post for display on “Candle Stand Display”. 
Egg form is constructed as ten lid and base sections 
that are assembled into domes that fit together snugly. 
Create contrast color upper and lower domes, 
then decorate upper with stripes and diamonds overlays. 
Measures approx. 6” tall x 4” across (diameter). 
Pairs well with “Spring Green Wreath for 
Candle Stand” and “Butterfly 3D Accent” designs. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A upper dome wedge with top "cover" attached
B upper dome wedges (9)
C lower add-on segments for upper dome wedges (10)
D lower dome half with bottom cover decagon
E lower dome half
F optional stub for use with candle stand display
G optional bottom decagon "cover"
H interior reinforcement disc
I top dome "petal" stripes accent shape
J top circle accent
K upper diamonds with perforations (10)
L lower diamonds with perforations (10)
2. As information, review 
the Egg 3D Form Multi Diamonds tutorial for
similarities with this design.
3. Prepare wedges and add-on shapes by bending
back on all panel segment and tab perforations.
4. Position add-on segment below upper wedge shape
as shown, overlap upper wedge straight bottom edge
over add-on shape top tab to perf line, and glue seam.
Repeat for the remaining 9 wedges.
5. Place the upper wedge assemblies side by side
in two sets of 5, then align bottom (add-on) segments
with straight edge overlapping adjacent tab,
and join seams. 
Join 5 together for one half,
and a second 5 for the second half.
6. Bend the first two wedges into position so that
the straight side edge of the second segment
overlaps the adjacent tab to perf line, and glue 
the segment seam. 
7. Continue upward to align
and join the remaining segments seams for
the first two segments.
8. Repeat the seam-joining process to join each
of the seams from bottom to top for both halves.
9. Position the two upper dome halves to align
and join the segments of the first side seam,
then repeat for the second side seam
to complete the upper dome structure.
10. Bend the top "cover" decagon down into position,
adjust to align cover straight edges with perf lines
of the top tabs, and glue in place.
11. Prepare the petal stripes accent shape by
bending back slightly on the perf cuts along each
"arm" and at decagon center edges.
12. Position the accent shape on top of the upper dome,
and adjust so that each of the stripe arms will
fall at the center of each wedge, then attach top
decagon center in place.
13. Extend each stripe down into position so that
it remains centered, with perf cuts at the angles
of the segments of the dome.
14. Position and attach the optional top circle.
15. Prepare the lower dome shapes by bending
back on all wedge and segment division perf lines,
and tab perf lines.
Take care at the narrow wedge tabs that the perf
lines are "pinched" to crease all the way to bottom
where it stops at the segment defining perf lines.
16. Bend the wedge extensions together to
align segments that will be joined with seams,
overlapping the straight side edge over the adjacent
tab to perf line, and join.
17. Continue to bend and align the straight edges
and adjacent tabs to complete the first wedge seam.
Then continue in same fashion to complete all seams
in each lower dome half assembly.
18. Position the two halves together, align
the edges and join the first side seam in a similar
manner. Position and complete the second side seam.
19. Refer to steps 10-13 as shown in the tutorial
for the Egg 3D Diamonds Form to see how to prepare,
insert and attach the bottom stub, if using 
this egg with the candle stand.
20. If NOT using this egg with the candle stand,
position and attach the bottom "cover" decagon,
centered, to cover the hexagon opening.
21. Refer back to the Egg 3D Diamonds Form
tutorial, steps 14-15 to prepare and insert
a weight packet to help the egg stand upright
more securely.
22. Prepare the interior reinforcement disc by
bending the edge tabs upward.
23. Insert the disc into the lower dome half,
then align the tab upper straight edge with
the wedge rim edges, and glue in place.
24. Insert the lower dome upper edge into the bottom
of the upper dome (a different egg project is shown here)
with wedge sections aligned, pausing . . . 
. . . to apply glue along the edge where the rim
will finally rest, then . . . 
. . . push the two halves together fully so that
the segments align as shown.
25. Prepare the diamond accent shapes by bending
in half at the mid lines.
26. Position the upper diamonds row in the center of
each wedge, with side points aligned on the seam
between add-on segments and upper wedges,
and the top points centered on a stripe.
27. Position and attach the lower diamonds row
across the segments just below the upper diamonds row.

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