Sunday, April 7, 2019

Happy Easter Pop Bottle Tote with Medallion

Decorative tote packaging dresses up a single 
“specialty” glass bottle of soda. 
Composed of two hull pieces with back tab wrap 
and latch feature that assists adhesive construction. 
Also features an accent top band for front 
and contrast scallop edge “handle” rim. 
Great for many holidays or special occasions. 
Prepare it as Happy Easter treat by adding 
the “Happy Easter Medallion” design to front 
(with optional three-side band on back and sides), 
with tied ribbon bow on handle. 
Measures approx. 8” tall x 2.5” x 2.5” when finished. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main hull shape (sides and back
  B upper back reinforcement panel
C scallop top trim shape (2)
D hull front shape   E front panel top trim
F bottom interior reinforcement square
G optional accent three-side trim strip
H scallop base disc
I contrast "plain" circle
J insert accent punch dots (5)
K "Easter" word disc
L faux stitch front disc
M five-petal flower   N flower center
2. Prepare the main hull and front hull shapes
by bending flanges, tabs and panels forward
3. Bend the handle opening tab forward and up
and glue in place. (This tab helps buffer the opening
against sharp edges.)
4. Position the upper back reinforcement panel
in the inside of main hull, enclosing the finger pad,
aligning the finger hole, and glue in place.
5. Bend angled wall flanges inward 
and glue in place.
6. Position the front add-on panel so that the side
straight edge overlaps the side flange tab to perf line,
adjust for top-to-bottom alignment, and glue in place.
7. Position and attach the accent arch strips at
top inside and outside of main hull handle panel,
and outside of front panel.
8. Form the hull into a tube to align and attach
the second front side seam.
9. Position the reinforcement square, centered,
on the inside face of the hull bottom square panel,
and attach in place.
10. Bend the bottom side flanges inward,
apply adhesive, then tuck into bottom of box, then . . . 
. . . wrap the back shaped hook panel around back,
tuck the hook into the slot, and glue in place.
11. Prepare the accent strip by bending back on
two perforation lines.
Position and attach the strip either on the front
of the hull as shown (if creating the box with
the Happy Easter medallion, cut the strip with
the punch hole - align with front hull punch hole;
or without the punch hole - center with front's
hole punch, but . . . 
. . . wrap around the back and sides and attach.)
12. To assemble the medallion, identify
and cut the shapes, then prepare to layer.
Position the words disc over
the plain circle, align center punch
circles, and also the squares cutouts
(this assists with orientation of accent circles.)
13. Position the word/plain circle discs
assembly on the base scallop disc
with center punch holes aligned, and attach.
Also shown in this frame is the flower assembled
with center attached in place - but DON"T
position and attach to faux stitch disc yet.
14. Position the faux stitch disc  on top of
the words disc, using center hole punch
to align with all layers.
15. Position and attach the accent circle punches
into the circle recesses.
(NOTE: don't align and attach center flower until
after the medallion assembly is positioned over
the pop bottle tote so that circles can be aligned.)
If NOT using with the tote box, position and attach
the flower, centered inside the faux stitching.
Here is the completed medallion.  
16. For the Easter tote ensemble, position and
attach the medallion on the front using punch holes
to align, then position and attach the flower
to cover the punch hole.
Insert the pop bottle.
Here is the completed tote.

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