Saturday, May 3, 2014

3d Work Zone Tool Box Tote Tutorial

This new Tool Box tote will be a great accent for a
"construction" or "work zone" birthday theme party.
Sized at 5" wide x 4" tall x 1.75" deep, it features a decorative
front latch that looks like the hardware from a worker's truck bed.
Fill it with those party goodies for each guest to take home.
Cut file soon to be available from SnapDragon Snippets
through SVG Attic and through the Silhouette America online store.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.

body front (with handle)
body back
body accent front ("tool box")
latch assembly shapes

Fold body perforations: diagonal mid-side sections are inward folds, as are handle mini-perfs; all others are outward folds.

2. Assemble latch layers, then attach over corresponding flap shape extension of body back shape. NOTE that a small cut in the upper "rounded rectangle" latch knob shape will line up with the horizontal edges for the upper and lower latch plate pieces, to assist with positioning of other pieces.

3. Add the cut-out overlay with "tool box" panel and hex nut details to the front body.

NOTE: the upper hex bolts will be hidden by the overlapping top shape when the box is closed. If preferred, position and attach the hex cutouts ALL across the overlay bottom edge.

4. Join front and back body at side seams, first one side, tab to straight edge, then the other side.

5. On tote bottom, fold side flanges in, then front with slot, then back with latch. Slide latch hook into slot until it holds, then square up the tote bottom edges.

6. Fold the lid side pieces into place, with the small tabs sliding under the front flap. Glue tabs in place.

7.  Fold the handles layers together until the line up. Glue the handles portion together; leave extension free.

8. To close the box, carefully manipulate the lid and handles so that the handles slide up into the lid slot from the lid backside as the lit folds over into place at box body upper edges.

9. To help latch stay in place snugly against the tote front, apply a sticky dot, or other semi-temporary dry, re-stickable adhesive.

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