Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big Wheel Pop Can Pull Tab Hubcap Card Tutorial

Searching for a unique card for someone who likes "wheels"?
Here is an oversized card that celebrates motorized vehicles!
Measuring 6.25"x6.25" when folded (left side fold),
it features a "hub cap" composed of pop can pull tabs
arranged in a ring, tack-glued in place, then threaded
with pearl cotton (or other crochet cotton-style string or yarn)
through strategically placed pre-punched holes
in an echo base shape.
Finish it off with a plaque that states your recipient is a "Big Wheel",
or substitute in a greeting or name.
Need an oversize envelope to fit this card?
See the note at the end of this post for information 
about receiving a free envelope download.

1. Identify and cut the pieces. Shown here are all the pieces you will need if creating a pull tab hub cap and lacing the tabs to the hub cap paper shape.

If you prefer, this can can be made as a 2D by using the tab replica paper cut shape instead of aluminum tabs, thread and needle.

(Note: the wheel base shape was modified for final cut shape to omit the lacing circle, shown here.)

2. Fold front tab and attach back to tab.

3. Center and attach the front accent offset shape, taking care to line up the brad punch holes of each.

4. Remove tabs from empty aluminum pop cans. Use pliers if necessary to bend back and forth until the connecting tag breaks.

The card requires 8 tabs, and it is best if they are from the same can style.

5. If part or all of the connecting tag are still in place once the tab is removed, use pliers to break it off so that just the tab with open holes is left.

6. Use clear, quick dry adhesive to attach each tab as shown, centered within a petal shape of the hub cap base, with bottom at the center-most hole, sides and opening edges between the other hole pairs.

7. Prepare a darning or crewel size needle with a hole large enough for the string/yarn you have selected. This sample is using DMC cream perle cotton size 5. Begin with 30-36" length, or what ever is comfortable with your reach, threaded onto the needle. Use single strand to do the lacing (not double). Tape the tail end in place on the backside of the paper shape with small piece of cello tape.

Insert needle from back through one of the bottom holes, to begin.

8. Carry the needle and thread over the tab on the front and insert the needle front-to-back through the hole that is vertical from the first hole laced. Repeat this "stitch" around the bottom of the first tab at least twice.

9. On the backside, insert the needle through one of the side pair holes of the same tab location, and bring to the front. Next, pass the needle and thread over the first tab being attached, and also across the second tab, so that the thread loop connects them. Repeat this "stitch" so there are two strands of thread. Move to the other side of first tab, repeat the "connecting" stitching of the next neighbor tab.

10. Continue moving around the center portion of the hub, lacing the center of each tab, as well as each side, crossing two tabs. When the lacing has proceeded all around, pass the needle and thread to the backside, slide the needle under string and through the resulting loop to tie a knot. Clip thread with short tail.

If first thread length is not long enough to complete the circuit, tie off in this same way, then reattach the new length as in step 7.

11. Prepare another length of thread and needle, attach to backside, then complete the outer lacing by passing the needle through one of the paired holes near each tab's upper hole, over the tab, down into the adjacent paired hole. Complete two "stitches" per tab side. Work all around. Tie off when the circuit is complete.

This image shows the two strands of thread at each tab center, and the connecting stitches that cross adjacent tabs.

12. Layer the (gray) wheel base circle, with "white wall" ring and "tire tread" rings. Attach the hubcap centered within rings.

13. Center and attach the wheel on the card front.

14. Assemble the front plaque with "Big Wheel" cut phrase and stars.

If preferred, you could use "text" tools of your cutting software to change out this cut phrase to your choice, such as "Dad", "Father", card recipient's name, etc.

Position and glue the plaque in place, aligning punch holes with card front.

15. To hide the brad prongs on the inside of the card, use the small cut circles to glue over the prongs

Here is my completed card!

With some guidance, the lacing process of this card could be completed
by a older child or young person.
Why not make one for the grandpas, too!

Matching Envelope Offer
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