Thursday, May 15, 2014

Father's Day Box Card Assembly Tutorial

Full of dimension, this box card
(or "card in a box" as the style is sometimes described)
will delight the Dad in your life.
Attach accent squares and rectangles to the box base
(which has NO bottom so it can still fold flat for inserting
in an envelope), attach the inside-the-box bridge strips,
assemble the content shapes,
add a TO: tag to the front with glue and decorative brad,
then relish the reaction of your recipient!
Impressive to look at, it is surprisingly simple to assemble!

1. Begin with the box base, accent pieces and bridge strips. My sample is colored as follows:

kraft brown - box base
kraft brown - box bridge pieces
  (NOTE this image shows bridge as single piece; it is two rectangles with perforated end tags in the cut file)
black/white stripe - outside bottom accent pieces
multi dot - box flap accent pieces

2. Glue the outer box accent "squares" and rectangles into place on the outside lower spaces of the box card base shape. The tall rectangle is the back section of the box. Bottom edge of all pieces lines up with box base lower edges. Other accent edges are slightly offset within the box base shape.

3. Glue the upper inside flaps onto corresponding spaces. These shapes are offset at upper and side edges. Bottom edges should line up exactly at the lower edge of back (tall rectangle), and center perforation (other flaps).

4. Fold the side tab inward on perforation. Fold the box base into a "tube". Line up the side tab with opposite corresponding lower edge, and glue in place with tab on the inside of the box.

5. Fold end tabs back on each of the two bridge strips. Apply adhesive to the tab ends of first bridge strip. Position the bridge inside the box's interior space, about 1/3 back from the front. Top edge of bridge tabs should be flush or even with the perforation edges of the box.

Continue to step 6 before glue is dried, to allow for adjustments, if necessary.

6. Fold the card base flat with the first bridge strip in place. Apply finger pressure to flatten the bridge/flap crease between the card outer layers to make sure card will close to this flat position. 

7. Repeat to attach the second bridge strip, positioning it 1/3 in from the back of the box, which is half way in the space between box interior back and first bridge strip. Repeat step 6 after this second bridge is in place, but before glue is dried and beyond adjusting.

8. Assemble the decorative pieces as shown. For this project, the edges were lightly distressed with pumice ink. The fish in the finished cut file was reduced slightly from the fish shown in this layout.

Fish stripes are created by nested shapes in order: green bottom, brown, rust, green top layer.

TIP: Golf tee will be sturdier if a second "full" shape is added behind the "full" base shape.

9. If you plan to use a brad to attach the front plaque to front flap, select, cut and glue in place the flap accent that includes the punch hole. Use a sharp tool like this awl to punch the accent hole through the box base front flap layer.

10. Glue the front plaque to the box front flap with punch holes aligned. Push brad through the holes and bend prongs flat.

11. Attach the "Love you" unit onto the upright back box section. 

12. Audition the positioning of the monitor, so you will know where to place attaching dimensional squares or glue.

13. For dimension, add foam adhesive squares where the monitor will overlap the box back flap, generally as shown here. Or use regular "flat" adhesive method. Place shape onto back flap.

14. Audition and then position and glue other decor shapes in place. Shirt & tie is positioned on the front of the back bridge, with fish behind the same bridge.

15. Position wrench to the right, golf tee to the left on the front bridge.

16. As decor shapes are glued in place, fold the box base into flat position to make sure the box will still fold when needed.

This is the position that the card should be in when placed into an envelop, if you plan to use one to hold the finished card.

And here is the finished box card
with all of the assembled parts in place.

More box card designs will be added to the SnapDragon Snippets portfolio
soon. We hope you will check our regular outlets to find and create with these.
Also, SVG Attic may include a coordinated, sized to fit envelope design
to cut and use as part of your gift.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I just bought this and can't wait to make it. It is so adorable.