Sunday, May 18, 2014

Power Drill Candy Bar Wrap Card

Here is a fun twist on a card: build this dimensional power drill "wrap".
It has front and back silhouette drill shapes with flat tab-n-slot boxing 
in between that is sized to fit a flat-style candy treat 
(shown with "Mr. Goodbar"; see Step 9 for other bars that will fit well).
A separate base shape allows all the detailed shapes to be easily arranged,
then attached to the front of the box'n'base-shapes assembly.
Add a two-layer gift tag as your "TO:" label, insert candy bar,
then it is ready to give!
You may also enjoy the similar "Wrench Candy Bar Wrap Card" design.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.

2. Fold the boxing shape so that sides and ends are down, bottom tabs extended as shown.

3. Working with the drill silhouette back base shape (it has 7 slots), insert the boxing back (short end) tab into the slot, from drill backside toward face side. Carefully work tab through completely (it will be snug, depending on the paper you are using), fold toward the shape's center and glue in place.

4. Fold boxing over drill shape and insert the side tabs into corresponding slots.

Here is another view of the drill back base with the tabs worked through the slots to the face side.

Fold the tabs toward the shape's center and glue in place. It may be prudent to apply adhesive to only one tab at a time, hold it until secure, then apply glue to the next one, etc.

It may be helpful, because of the narrowness of the box, to insert a pencil or other rod tool into the boxing cavity to provide a pressure point to push against as you glue the tabs.

5. Position the drill silhouette front shape over the backside of the boxing, align and insert extended tabs into corresponding slots. When worked fully through slots, bend tabs toward shape's center, apply glue one at a time and use pencil or tool to help apply pressure to glue in place.

6. Assemble the decorative shapes onto the separate drill silhouette. NOTE that the base shape color will "show through" as the drill bit, intermediate neck shaft, horizontal slot, motor grill slots, so select paper color accordingly.

7. When completed, position and attach decorative drill front over boxing assemble front base shape. Use tool to help attach all surfaces completely.

8. Prepare and attach tag around shaft as a "TO:" label.

9. Insert bar into boxing opening. Shown here is "Mr. Goodbar". Other bars that fit this boxing size include: Skor, Big Hunk, Hershey's plain chocolate, with Almonds, Cookies 'n' Cream, Symphony, Dove bars, Giant Sweetarts.

Slight enlargement of ENTIRE CUT FILE may make it size to fit other bars of choice.

Here is the completed box.


  1. I love this design! Can it be cut out on the Portrait or only the Cameo?

    1. The largest size pieces are the drill body base shapes, just over 8.75x5.25 inches. So Portrait is probably not quite large enough to cut the biggest pieces used in this design. Sorry.

    2. I just made this for my hubby for Father's Day...luckily I don't have a candy bar or I wouldn't be able to wait until Sunday!

  2. what cutting machines can be used for this?