Sunday, May 25, 2014

Grad Box Card Construction Tutorial

Box card brimming over with little paper "celebrations"
of a graduate's accomplishments.
Bottomless box folds flat to put into special sized envelope.
Open, it holds grad tag on front flap, congratulations arch
with grad year (also includes 2015-2017), two balloon sets,
grad cap with tassel, diploma.
Available soon from SnapDragon Snippets through
Silhouette America online store.

1. Identify and cut the shapes. Gray shapes are the box body and the two bridges.

Stripe shapes are the outer box decorative shapes.

Lower accent shapes are for the flaps of the inner box surfaces.

2. Glue the short and tall box accent shapes to the front of the box sections.

3. Glue the short and tall flap accent shapes to the inside of the box.

(NOTE: these were laid in place incorrectly for the photo. The full-length shape will be in the far left position, directly behind the tall box accent shape on the box front, as shown in the above image.)

4. Fold the box into a tube, bring the side tab to align with the short box edge and join.

5. If you are using the center front flap accent shape with the hole for inserting a brad, you will need to create the hole through the box layer. Use a sharp pointed tool like this awl to push through the layers.

6. Layer and glue the "GRAD" tag, then position on front with punch holes aligned, and glue in place. Insert and attach the brad.

7. Fold the end tabs of bridge pieces back. Apply glue to the tabs of front bridge, then insert into box opening and attach tabs to side edges approx. 1/3 of the way back from front of box, making sure bridge is parallel to box front.

(Move on to next step before glue is completely dried.)

8. Fold the box into its "flat" shape to make sure bridge will work properly as the box is folded. Allow slight ends adjustment, then pinch layers to secure the bridge ends to the box.

9. Repeat the positioning, gluing, folding and "pinching" process for the second bridge, placing it halfway between front bridge and box back.

10. Pre-assemble the decor shapes.

NOTE: The balloon "strings"/balloon base shapes need to be doubled for strength.

11. Position "congratulations" shape centered at back top of box, and glue bottom area in place where the two touch.

12. Center and attach the year plaque in place (see next frame for more detail).

NOTE:  I moved my shape up to be snugly under the congrats arch later in my construction, so it will show better.

To give the decorations more dimension, attach a few foam squares behind the year plaque shape, then attach in place on the box back.

13. Place and attach balloon shapes on each side of year plaque on box back. I attached balloon overlapping edge to the plaque which is in front of the box back surface since I used the foam squares to attach the plaque. I also attached the balloon strings down inside the box back.

14. Position grad cap extension behind the back bridge, angled slightly to the right, with the tassel brought over the bridge to lie in front of it (glue tip in place, too).

15. Position and glue the diploma shape along the front bridge, angled with swirly end up toward the left. 

NOTE: If you plan to use the companion box card envelope from SnapDragon Snippets (or included in one of the SVG Attic kits), be sure that attached decor shapes DO NOT extend beyond the 7x7 inch square size of the envelope when folded flat.

This image shows how to measure to ensure this sizing, at least for the width size.


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  1. I bought this on the Silhouette Store and had a lot of fun making it! Thanks for a great tutorial! I also bought the step card as well and made one of those too. Both my daughters had graduation parties to attend this weekend so they now have awesome cards to give their friends!