Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Father's Day Golf Bag Slider Tab Assembly Tutorial

This original side folding golf bag shaped card
will be a wonderful surprise gift to a golfing father
for Father's Day, available soon from
SnapDragon Snippets and SVG Attic.
Sized to fit a standard no. 10 envelope, (approx. 4" x 9"), 
this tall card isfull of details that shape the bag and club heads.
A sliding arrow-head tab slides out right to spell out
"FORE". Open the card and read the play-on-words
sentiment: "FORE - tunately for me, you're my Dad!"

Special layers between the detailed bag front and the card base 
make up the slot assembly to allow tab to slide in and out. 
Following are a few images to demonstrate how these layers are assembled 
to make it possible for the tab to slide out to the right to show "FORE".

1. Here are the cut shapes that are involved in the moving part of this card.

TOP ROW: slider tab with F O R E shapes in place. (NOTE: that design has been changed for final cut file so that arrow finger tab is centered.)

BOTTOM ROW: l to r
shapes base layer
slots layer
card base, folded

2. Position slider tab over the slots layer. Flex the assembled slider tab so that each arm can slot into the side slot. Slide it up and down to make sure it moves freely.

3. Turn slots layer over. Note where the dashed guidelines are above and below the slider tabs and inserted arms, and at the center three-sided square. 

4. Adhesive should be applied ONLY above the upper dashed line, below the lower dashed line, between the center section  dashed lines pair, including at the edge center edge of the slot layer.

5. Position and glue this layer over the front of the card front. The shaped edges are offset to lie slightly inside of the card front shaped edges. The straight "center" edge should align at the perforation of the base shape.

6. Apply glue to the shapes base (top assembly) layer to allow the tab to move freely. Here you see that adhesive is above and below the dashed guidelines, and along the "inner" edge very near to the straight edge.

7. Position the shapes base layer over the slots layer so that outer edges ALL line up exactly. 

When in place, make sure that the slider can move in and out freely, without adhesive inadvertently attaching any part of the slider. Make adjustments, if necessary.

At this point in the assembly process, the remainder of the golf bag details can be assembled and added. Refer to the thumbnail and the cut file as opened for layering and assembly guidance.

Decor shapes assembly include:
a. layer strap and handle shapes, including end pieces and rivet circle punches
b. layer front pocket, upper side pocket
c. layer golf club shapes.

Hope you enjoy this card design. It is sized to fit into a standard business no. 10 envelope.


  1. To cute!!!!! Just bought it on Silhouette and I can't wait to see the tutorial!!!!

  2. I love this--my big guy is a golfer and I'm always looking for these stuff for birthday, FD, etc. And motion cards are my favs..

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial :-) I was a little lost with so many layers and their placement. I've cut them all out, now it's on to gluing ...
    ♥ Lena
    Lena’s Creations