Sunday, May 25, 2014

Golf Club Candy Bar Wrap Construction

Wrap a giant candy bar (Hersheys varieties
and perhaps others) in a paper box wrapper
as a gift for a Dad in your life, or any golf enthusiast.
Decorative shapes are assembled onto a bag silhouette base shape,
a separate front and back cut-away back base shape
sandwich a box compartment to hold the bar.
Goes together quickly, but does require a 12x12 cutting mat size.
Design file available soon from SnapDragon Snippets
through Silhouette America online store.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
clockwise from left, decor shapes base (shown pre-assembled with all of decor shapes already on top of it), box assembly front base shape, boxing body, box assembly back base shape with layered tag.

NOTE: Box assembly front base shape is shown reversed in this layout, to more easily see how it relates to the decor assembled front. When reversed during the assembly, the face side of the shape will be seen around the placed boxing body shape, and the backside covered by the decor shapes base.

2. Fold boxing shape with all edges folding inward, including end flap tabs.

NOTE: An improvement has been made to the boxing shape to include an additional long edge tab at bottom. If you have purchased and downloaded the shape through the Silhouete America online store before this improvement was available, please re-download the design.

3. Fold the box into a "tube" to bring side edge and tab together. Align bottom edges of each and glue the seam.

NOTE: the tab is shorter than the front boxing edge to allow for the back box and base cut-away shaping.

4.  Fold end tabs back and insert into boxing end, glue in place. Also fold long tab over on outside of box and glue in place.

5. Position back base shape (shown here with "DAD" tag already attached) over boxing back, center side to side and align shaped upper base shape with boxing shaped edges exactly, and glue in place.

6. Position front base shape over boxing front, centering side to side, and using perforation guideline to align bottom of boxing, matching edges of front with those of back base shape.

7. Assemble all decor shapes onto the decor base shape.

8. Attach wrap front over the boxing front base shape with all edges aligned.

9. Slide giant size candy bar into the boxing to complete the gift.

Many giant bars may fit the boxing. Just check to see which of your choices will work. Those checked during the designing process include the Hershey's varieties, such as the Symphony, regular and almond chocolate, dark chocolate bars, etc.

And here is another look at the finished wrap.

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