Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Act Upon These Values": Embroidered Panel

These photos will help demonstrate the chain stitch used to embroider "act upon these" for the center panel.
1. Knot the single perle cotton or floss end (not doubled). Come up into the start position from the backside of the fabric.
2. Create a loop with the thread, then insert the needle point again into or very near the entry hole in the fabric.
3. Move needle to come up a scant 1/4" on the guideline forward from the insertion point. Allow the thread to loop around the needle on fabric surface to create the "chain".

This image is showing the second stitch being made.

Continue to create the chain stitches, following the temporary marked guideline. Take care to be consistent in the scant 1/4" length between the entry and exit points made by the needle.

At the end, instead of creating another stitch, the needle is inserted just over the top of the last chain stitch, so that the top of the loop will be captured by this final very short stitch.
 On the backside, tie off by sliding the needle and thread under an adjacent stitch to where the needle came to backside of work. Before the loop created is pulled "flat", pass the needle through the loop to create the anchoring knot. Weave the needle and thread back and forth through a few more stitches to create a tail beyond the knot. Clip the thread.

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