Friday, January 11, 2013

Four Winter Paper & Vinyl Projects

 Here are a few fun projects to consider for January crafting fun.

This "flourished snowflake square" from Snapdragon Snippets easily sizes up or down to fit on a white ceramic tile (purchase one-by-one at Lowe's or Home Depot, etc.). A great focal color spot, to go with a collection of stand-up snowmen or other seasonal decor.
 Use Silhouette designs to make snowmen out of at-hand products to give or keep. This idea came from an online resource, but these versions use cut paper pieces instead of printed wrapper sheet.

Snowman with shiny paper top hat is an emptied (and then re-filled with goodies, of course) Crystal Light plastic canister  Below, a pair of new knit gloves stretches over the top of a gourmet chocolate bar (Cadbury, Lindt, etc.). Surprising how the gloves morph into a wintry hat.

Shapes come from "3d snowman cannister wrap with hat" downloadable cut file available after 1-14-14 from SnapDragon Snippets and Silhouette America.

Ice on the front steps sometimes encroaches. A "gifted" blue pot seemed just the thing to make ice melt handy. Added white vinyl can clue-in those who notice the problem, kept just inside (or just outside) the front door.

Designs used were "you melt my heart" (with the 'you' part cut away to fit my pot), plus Snapdragon Snippets' "snowflake flourish".

My consignment-find snowman measuring stick was "planted" in a recycled planter bucket. Navy-blue vinyl provided the finishing touch, added just recently. The design is "winter wonderland" with side "flourishes".

If you have questions you think an email can answer, you are invited to email Jodi at hearthsewnpatterns(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Hope we've given you some warm-you-up inspiration!

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