Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Act Upon These Values": Preparing Text Strips

 Use rotary cutting equipment to trim and separate strips on solid lines. Leave excess on ends as printed. (These will be trimmed later.)
Cut a pressing guide from waste card stock that is a scant 5/8" wide.

Place trimmed fabric strip, face down on the ironing surface. Center strip edges between pressing guide marks at each end of fabric strip (seen through fabric). Use edge of iron to fold and press fabric edges over card stock. Raw edges should meet or almost meet in the center.

Move the pressing strip along until the fabric is pressed the entire length.

Remove the strip by pulling it out the end.

Rotary-cut 1/2" wide strips of paper-backed fusible web. Carefully press the fusing side to the backside of the pressed text strip. Trim fusing even with fabric ends.

 Peel away paper backing to expose fusing "glue".
Position prepared text strip down the center of the beige twill tape length which has been cut to match text strip. Iron to fuse in place.

Press under both ends of text strip, with writing centered, to a fold-to-fold measurement of 5".

For eyelets: use tool to punch specified hole size approx. 1/4" in (centered) from each end (through front strip layer and folded-back layer). Use tool to attach black eyelets through punched holes.

For beads: skip pattern instruction step for eyelets, then attach beads in place of eyelets in positions noted in paragraph above, once strips are secure in place on each block.

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