Friday, January 11, 2013

"SNOW" 3d Letter Box Ensemble

I'm here to defy the folks who too quickly move from Christmas to Valentine's Day. 
I present this visual SHOUT OUT to say we have  "SNOW" , and it is worth celebrating!
These letters might look like they are made of wood,
but they are really built from card stock and printed paper.
The 3d letter boxes come from Snapdragon Snippets designs through Silhouette America. Other designs used here by the talented & imaginative Kenzie Daley include
the snow globe box, 3d snowman, 3d snow burst hanging inside the 'n' arch, 
and the glittery snowflake flourishes that decorate the 'S'.
 Three plus one reversed snowflake flourishes were cut from Silhouette's 
double-sided adhesive paper, hand-arranged over the accent S shape, 
then everything that extended beyond the shape's edge was trimmed away. 
Sticky areas were dowsed with fine blue glitter - such a thrilling "reveal" moment!. 
Two spongy pre-cut snowflake embellishments were added for dimension.

The limited edition lower case N provides the arch where the 3d snow burst shape can hang, sprayed with adhesive and blue-glittered, with a jewel drop attached on the bottom. 
The 3d skis are my own creation, drawn from a long rectangle and a medium length oval, overlapped and welded, then cut and glued-up 4 layers each. 
Tips were shaped as the layers were added and glued.
Dimensional snow globe box displays a friendly, slice-form snowman 
with added carrot nose triangle cutout and braided string scarf. 
Snowflake cutouts with jewel centers are clipped to a fine jute clothesline 
with tiny red-painted clothes pins.
Snowflake mittens with paper bow embellish the W. 
I created custom-designed cuffs with "ribbing" cutouts. 
A jumbo brad acts as virtual tying peg.

You may request a fact sheet that includes size modifications and other details 
by emailing Jodi at hearthsewnpatterns(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Shapes used:
Snapdragon Snippets: 3d letter box S, W (lower case 'n' can be purchased directly from Snapdragon Snippets' website), 3d snow burst, 3d snowglobe box, 3d snowman, snowflake flourish
Others:  mittens, "snowflake" thank you card (for the snowflake)

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  1. beautiful love how you've made each letter so wintery/christmasy