Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Act Upon These Values": Quilt Top Assembly

This image shows the assembly of the panel components prior to piecing the completed center panel.

1. The "act upon these" embroidery panel has been completed, measured, and trimmed to final size.

2. The value color pieces blocks have been arranged in their proper order. Side pairs have been joined with D strips in between. Bottom four blocks also have been joined with D strips between.

3. Side panels also have E strips on inner edges. Bottom panel has F strips joined to upper and lower edges.

4. The next step will be to join side panels to embroidery panel and press toward E strips.

5. After that, the lower panel will be joined to lower edge of previously joined panel; press seam toward F strip.

6. G strips will be joined to both new side edges, and H strip will be joined across top.

7. Outer borders I and J will be joined, sides and then top, bottom; press all border seams away from center.

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