Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Act Upon These Values": Piecing the Blocks

 To understand the block, lay out the pieces as shown, taking care to rotate the triangle square units so that the color corners "point" inward.
Position the short B and long C background strips between.

The first stitching steps will join the triangle square units to the B strips.

Separate the patches into two rows, with C between.

Fold a scrap of fabric (called a "Harry" because of all the clipped thread build up) to begin and end the piecing. 

Place an B strip FACE sides together over adjacent edge of triangle square unit. Stitch from one edge across to the other cut edge. Before stitching off, pause, then prepare and stitch across onto and across the next unit.
This is called chain piecing of CHAINING. It saves time, waste thread between, and bothersome lint.

When you have stitched stitched across the lasty unit seam in the sequence, reach to the beginning, clip off the Harry, then place and stitch onto it so that the patchwork units are safely beyond the needle.

Park the machine there with needle down.

Clip threads to separate the stitched units.

Press the B patch AWAY from the triangle square patch. 

Join the corresponding triangle square unit to complete the upper and lower rows. Press the B patch AWAY from the second triangle square patch.

Join one row to a long edge of C.

Press seam toward the C.

Join the other row to remaining side of C.

Press seam toward the C.

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