Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Act Upon These Values": Paper Seed Packet Prep

The color photocopy sheet included in the pattern should be creased, trimmed and otherwise prepared to attach to quilt front.

Begin by locating the crease/folding position arrows at color copy corners.

Use fingertips to carefully crease at these arrows.

Turn sheet over. Locate finger creases that can be seen from the backside.

Use a straight edge like this ruler to complete the creases along the length of each side being folded.

 Trim away excess color copy on sides and lower edge, cutting along "straight" solid lines.
 Before trimming away top edge excess, finger crease along the angle that notes where the "tear" or the flap will be made.
 Trim the flap curved edge.
Carefully TEAR along the diagonal finger crease to simulate the tear-opening of a real paper seed packet. Make sure the tear extends JUST TO THE CREASE.

Use another white card stock sheet to cut a rectangle for the packet back, cut slightly smaller than the "rectangle" of the color seed packet front

 Use a good paper adhesive to attach back to backside of seed packet front.

Here is the finished seed packet.

To attach it to the quilt front, use a large gauge needle to pierce the paper layers at the four dots near corners.

Position on the quilt front. Attach a small button at hole positions, using thread stitched through quilt from back to front, with needle inserted through hole, threaded through button, then back through hole and quilt layers, etc.

Also attach seed buttons as directed in quilt directions.

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