Monday, January 28, 2013

'Be MINE Valentine' 3d Letter Box Project

Next up in the fun 3d letter box seasonal decor projects is Valentine's Day.
Four letter boxes -- tall and short -- plus two text word cuts
spell out my wish for the winter's most romantic holiday.
Besides the letter box cut files from Snapdragon Snippets of Silhouette America, other fun embellishments make this project both interesting to make and delightful to view.
A short list of the designs follow at the end of this post.
Email Jodi for a more detailed and complete listing of sizes and how they were used
at hearthsewnpatterns(at)yahoo(dot)com.

 Here is a closeup of the dimensional M. The simple bee has velum mini wings and black glitter stripes. Mini hearts with tiny scallop circles and itsy pink brads are strung as a silk ribbon garland. The 'be' was styled in Design with text, positioned with a slight center overlap, then welded so it could be cut as one unit.
Next comes the tall 'i', with its dimensional heart 'jot' suspended above, and a triple thick key with metal angel charm tied on with narrow sheer ribbon. 

Following is the glitter-decorated 'n'. I used a hearts overlay cut from Silh's double-stick adhesive, liberally sprinkled with red glitter from my coupon-sharing fabric store.

As the caboose, the 'e'  is cupid-pierced by a dimensional-ized arrow with red glitter tail plume. The 'valentine' word cut-out is mounted on a two-layer tag that is tied onto the arrow shaft (and glued in place on the 'e' edge). 

All three of the lower case letter boxes are soon-to-be-released limited edition 3d cut files from Snapdragon Snippets. Appearing here in their original sizes, the 'n' and the 'e' get needed elevation from a customized base box created by me in "Design". Details can be obtained as part of the Fact Sheet available by email.

Finally is the colorful mail box holding a small treasury of miniature valentine envelopes. Using a premium two-sided print paper makes this box an instant delight. 

Watch for the next project as we move through the familiar holidays this year by visiting this blog often. Or find images of projects on flickr or facebook (hearthsewn patterns).

I would love to hear what you think of these projects, 
and if there are holidays or themes you wish you could see as ensembles 
presented here in the future.

Cut files used:
by Snapdragon Snippets - 3d M, (i, n, e can be purchased directly from Snapdragon Snippets website); bumbling bee; flourished hearts background; heart (lacy edge with highlight); cupid's arrow; 3d heart cupcake topper ('i' jot)
by others - antique key, 1-bag topper kit valentine, 3D mailbox, envelope


  1. WOW!! I love it all - you are so uber talented!!

  2. Thanks for your nice words, and your effort to add a comment. You are so kind!

  3. What a gorgeous project! Jodi, thanks soooo much for sending me the document listing all the files you used... I can't wait to make my own version! I am so inspired by you and your work! :)