Monday, June 16, 2014

Uncle Sam Canister Wrap Tutorial

Start with an emptied and label-"stripped" plastic canister
that began as a Crystal Light powdered drink package,
then dress it up with paper shapes.
Create the six-sided dimensional hat with under-brim flange
that fits snugly into the canister's top opening,
and you have this fun gift box or seasonal display.
Cut file design available now as a purchase download
from the Silhouette America online store.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A canister wrap rectangle
B empty and "stripped" canister
C lower brim (slots for flange)
D flange for fitting into canister opening
E hat crown front with stripe, band, star
F hat crown sides
G stripe sections
H star hat band sections
I upper brim section with hex hole for crown
J reinforcing middle brim
K bow tie and knot
L shirt with jacket sides, lapels, buttons
M hair and goatee beard
N face, nose pieces, features

2. Place one short edge of canister wrap rectangle approx. 1/4" beyond center back of emptied canister. Position so that upper and lower edges will remain aligned with canister edges as it wraps around. Glue edge in place.

3. Apply glue to remaining wrap edges, then carefully wrap around canister neatly and snugly, overlapping first edge. Hold until secure.

4. Assemble the shirt and jacket front unit. Apply glue to center edges of jacket where they will overlap the shirt. 

Place each jacket at appropriate edge of shirt with top and bottom edges aligned. There should be a gap of approx. 3/8" between middle "points".

To ensure that lower edges are straight across, use a dimensional straight edge like this rotary cutting tool to push against while glue remains adjustable.

5. Glue lapels at upper jacket slanted edges (apply glue at the diagonal edges only).

6. Prepare dimensional nose by bending tabs away from noses, then gluing left and right noses together.

7. Insert nose through nose slot on face shape from back, stopping at tab perfs. Fold tabs back flush, and glue in place to backside of face shape.

8. Position and glue face centered and with top edges flush over hair shape. 
9. Add layered eyes, smile, cheek circles, goatee beard.

10. Center and glue jacket unit (glue middle third only) to front of canister with lower edges flush.

11. Center and glue head/face unit (glue middle third only) above jacket unit, with upper edges flush.

12. Prepare bow tie by bringing side ends together to overlap at center, and glue in place securely. Wrap center band tab around and glue end in place. Glue knot shape over end of tab (or on opposite side, is preferred).

13. Attach bow tie in place below face by attaching a small dimensional foam square at center.

14. Prepare hat brim flange by folding lengthwise in half (face side out), and also by bending at section perforations. Glue the inner tabs in place, except leave the end inner tab opposite the connector end tab un-glued.

15. Bend flange into a ring, insert connector end tab between opposite straight edge and inner tab, making sure the end tag perf lines up with end straight edge accurately. Glue tabs in place.

16. Rotate flange so that long and short tabs align with corresponding slots of lower brim shape. Insert tabs into slots, working a little at a time, and around the brim until all tabs are fully inserted.

17. Bend tabs toward brim center and glue each in place securely.

18. Attach lower and middle (reinforcing whole circle) brims.

19. Prepare crown pieces by bending slightly outward at horizontal perforations. Bend front section top perforation back.

Overlap regular side section straight edge over front side tabs so that edge and perf lines of each section line up exactly. Glue each "strata" one by one, allowing for the slight outward curve to form as the seam is completed.

20. Bend the side section in place to align the top tab perforation with the straight edge of the top hexagon shape. Glue tab in place behind hex edge.

21. Continue adding the remaining side crown sections one by one in similar fashion, positioning and joining side tabs and edges, then top tabs to top hex shape edges.

22. Complete the final seam between last section and straight edge of front section in similar fashion, except apply adhesive to the side AND upper tabs, then swing into all these into position in one step.

23. Insert crown tabs through upper brim hex opening from face side.

24. Bend tabs toward center and glue in place securely.

25. Attach a stripes section to top of each crown section, aligning top and side edges/angles of each.

26. Bend band slightly at upper perforation line, then attach a stars band section to each crown section overlapping bottom of stripes section. 

27. Attach star to front stripes section.

28. Attach upper hat crown assembly with lower hat brim assembly.

29. Finish assembly by sliding hat flange inside the top opening of the canister.

Here is the finished product.
Now find just the right place to display him.