Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Halloween 3D Medallion Lace Edge

Commemorate the favorite fall holiday with 
a festive rosette that marks the date – October 31st. 
Faux stitching completes the front disc at edge, 
with sawtooth layer behind (shows through letters, 
numbers and stitches) and plain edge outer disc. 
Pleated spiky eyelet lace panels add pizzazz at outer edge. 
On back, hanging panel is “engineered” with 
two fold-out flanges which include punch holes 
to assist with tying to ribbon streamer cluster
 or object being decorated – such as 
the “Key to Dungeon 3D Large” separate design. 
(An alternate front shape with punch holes also included.) 
Medallion measures approx. just under 6” diameter 
lace to lace edge when fully assembled. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A eyelet box pleat arcs (4)
B medallion base plain circle
C sawtooth edge circle
D front panel
E back panel with attachment flanges & circles
Not shown: opt. back camouflaging circle
2. Prepare the box pleat arcs by bending back 
on (left) end tab, then back on each side of the wide
panels, and forward on each side of the narrow
3. Position the first two arcs next to each other so that
the end tab of right arc aligns behind the straight edge
of the left arc left edge, with bottom edges even,
and join seam. Join four arcs into one length.
4. Working from the front, glue the front pleats in place by 
applying dabs of adhesive behind the folds 
as shown, then . . . 
. . . press the pleats in place with fold edges abutting,
and hold in place until secure.
5. Reverse the arcs to apply glue between pleat
folds, and attach the layers together.
Here is the first portion of the arc with pleats
glued front and back. Continue until the entire length
has glued pleats, with only the final pleat near final end
remaining unglued, then . . .
. . . position the final ends with tab tucked behind
 the end straight edge as was done for previous seams,
and join final seam. Fold and glue final pleats.
6. Bend the back tie-on panel on perforations
with "mountain folds" between punch holes, 
and "valley folds"  in each side of "mountain folds".

7. Apply glue on one panel of the folded punch hole
panels, then bend the "pleat" together and attach
both surfaces together, aligning punch holes,
and apply pressure until securely glued together.
8. Prepare to join the front three discs by identifying
the arrow vertical center symbols on the base disc.
Arrow symbols should point UPWARD to indicate
the top of the medallion in all steps.
Identify two sawtooth panel points as "centers"
then position these at north and south positions
directly above the arrow symbols of base disc,
adjust for even edge margin, then glue sawtooth
disc in place.
Position the front disc with vertical centerline also
positioned over the sawtooth/base discs' centerlines,
adjust for edge margin consistency, and glue in place.
If possible, press under a heavy flat weight until
thoroughly dry.
9. Repeat the center-location step with the lace ring,
identifying the center of one pleat wide panel as
center top, and one directly across as center bottom . . .
. . . then position the disc assembly with center
aligned on lace center . . . 
. . . checking for alignment from back if necessary.
Reverse the assembly again to adjust so that consistent
width of lace ring is visible, then glue layers together
where they overlap. Press until dry.
11. Position and attach the plain camouflaging disc
on backside to hide the lace panel edges, with
arrow symbols aligned as precisely as possible.
(NOTE this image erroneously used a disc
that did not have the arrow symbols.)
12. Position the attachment panel on backside
of assembly, and align arrow symbols,
then attach in place.
13. Prepare a "tassel" cluster of varied width, length
and color/style ribbons, if desired, and tie the center
with a narrow ribbon or piece of twine. Use center
ribbon ends threaded through punch holes 
(inserting from sides toward center) to tie the cluster
in place. Allow long ends if desired to tie medallion onto
intended object.
Here is the cluster completed
(awaiting improved arrangement of ribbon ends).
Here, the medallion with ribbons is attached
to the Dungeon 3D Key design.

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