Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tag Maid Milking Large

This larger size tag with many details features 
a charming maid in country costume 
gracefully holding a milk pail. 
Details are created by layering cut shapes 
in sequence on base silhouette. 
Themed tag is perfect for Twelve Days of Christmas gifting, 
or other special occasions. Coordinates well with 
“Milk 3D Bottle Container” and “Tote 3D Gift Two Pint Jars”.

Offset design base layer includes top center hole punch 
for attaching twine or narrow ribbon loop. 
Tag measures approx. 3.8” wide x 6.25” tall when assembled. 
(The thumbnail below represents more accurately
the skirt and apron positioning.)

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A tag base   B figure silhouette (shows thru as legs)
C shoes overlays   D skirt overlay   E apron
F dress bodice overlay  G blouse base & sleeve circles
H lace (tucks under dress hem edge)
I apron star accents and center circle accents
J hat   K hair/head base with ribbon accents
L hair base and half hair overlay
M face  N head/neck
O eyes and mouth show thru shapes
(fit into cut out of N)
P arms and hands overlay
Q bucket and bucket rim overlay
2. Position and attach in order, aligning
corresponding edges for all or some of the edges:
a. hat onto silhouette
b. hair onto hat and silhouette (pigtail extensions)
c. head/neck with cut out window
d. eyes and mouth show-thru shapes inside head
e. face onto head/neck base (use fine pencil to
trace over eye brows, nose)
f. hair base onto top of face
g. hair overlay onto right side of hair base
3. Position lace edge under skirt edge,
on lace with bottom corner/edge of skirt, and then
duplicating the margin established at that corner
between skirt edge and top of lace loops
across the full width of lace, and glue in place.
4. Position and attach apron over skirt
(NOTE refer to the drawn thumbnail at beginning
of this post for actual best apron positioning),
then position dress bodice over dress base
and top of apron.
5. Position and attach the bodice onto the body
silhouette, overlapping the bottom of neck slightly.
Also position ribbons over hair extension
near ends.
6. Position and attach the dress/apron assembly
onto the body silhouette assembly, then . . . 
. . . position and attach the arms pair unit
with top ends overlapping the lower edge
of blouse sleeve shapes. (Soon the hands
shape will be placed over the end of arms unit.)
7. Position and attach the sleeve circles over
the end of the arms ends and silhouette.
8. Position and attach the bucket rim over 
corresponding top curved edge of bucket base, 
then . . .
. . . position the bucket at figure front so that
handle overlaps about halfway up the hands
shape, and attach in place. Then position
and attach hands shape over handle where
shapes correspond.
9. Position and attach the star cut outs over
the circle cut outs of apron, then position and
attach center contrast circles at stars circles.
10. Position and attach the silhouette assembly
over tag base with narrow, even margin all around.
Here is the completed milk maid tag.
Attach ribbon or twine as desired
through top hang hole.

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