Sunday, October 10, 2021

Pumpkin and Skeleton Rosette Ornaments

Both versions are created with pleated panels joined 
to form the medallion base with a pair of holes 
for twine or ribbon hanger at top. 
Nose shape covers the assemble center rosette circle, 
with eyes above and smile below. 
Add layered leaf with vine to decorate top of Jack O Lantern,
and a layered 'bone' bowtie with 
accent brad to decorate bottom of skeleton
Fun project for kids to hang from pegs or chandelier, 
or add several to a Halloween swag. 
Medallion measures approx. 4.625” diam. assembled. 
Companion design to Halloween Crow Rosette.

Follow this LINK to view the assemble of similar
Halloween Crow Rosette ornament design.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Click on the link above to follow 
steps 1 (substitute the Jack or Skeleton face shapes,
leaf or bone-tie assemblies), and steps 2-6.

2. Reverse the order of steps 7 & 8, that is, position
and hot-melt glue the larger BACK reinforcing disc in place . . .
. . . at the center of gathered and condensed pleats
Then position, center, and hot melt glue the smaller
FRONT disc over the gathered pleats "hollow".
Doing the assembly in this order will allow the more
controlled positioning of center disc, so that the nose
can be positioned to camouflage that construction detail.
(Or place the nose and other features as desired,
with the possibility that center disc remains somewhat visible.)
The same reversal of steps 7 & 8 will provide
similar control for the skeleton ornament, as shown here:
Positioning and hot-melt gluing the large BACK disc
in place, then . . .
. . . positioning and gluing the smaller FRONT disc
so that . . . 
. . . the nose can be positioned to cover center disc.
3. In place of Crow assembly step 9, position
and attach the Pumpkin or Skeleton features
(and respectively, layered leaf and vine . . .
. . . or bone-tie with accent brad).
4. Finish the ornament by stringing heavy twine
of narrow ribbon (approx. 11-12" length) through
the punch holes (sample shows back to front threading),
 sliding a painted bead in place
if desired, then tying ribbon or twine ends.

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