Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Magnetic Circle Sleepy Times Christmas Vinyl

Count down the days until the final “sleepy-time” on 
Christmas Eve. Colored vinyl in green, white, red and black 
are carefully positioned and affixed to a painted METAL 
round pizza sheet using registration “target cross” guides 
to create a merry and bright decoration. 
(Substitute glued-up card stock for holly sprig decorations is desired.) 
Countdown window “slider” is cut from or attached to 
a magnetic paper base (or affixed to a mag business card 
rectangle and trimmed with scissors or art knife), 
then moved around the circumference each day 
with number showing through cutout. 
Display on a large easel, or drill a top hang hole, 
attach cord ends or saw tooth brackets on
 reversed side to mount on a wall. 
Original design measures 11.6” in diameter. 
( A rectangular version is also available.)

1) metallic re-purposed shallow round baking sheet with
min. 11.75" diameter interior flat surface
2) black matte or satin spray paint to paint sheet
3) flexible magnet business card for slider
4) card stock for slider
5) vinyl sheets for cutting the layers; green (3-4),
white, red, black

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes or layers:
A green layer 1
B white layer 2
C red layer 3
D sprig detail shapes: cedar sprig, holly base & half,
berries black bases, berries red overlays
E window slider

2. Prepare the magnetic baking sheet by neatly 
spray painting front and (optional) back, in light, even
coats until thoroughly prepared. Also spray a protective
clear matte or satin coat to help preserve the surface.
3. Measure to find the center of the baking sheet
(Or estimate how to center the design
within the "flat" surface.)
One way to find the center is to trace the perimeter
of the round pan, then . . . 
. . . trim the circle on tracing line. Fold the circle
in half, matching up cut edges. Then fold again
on the quarter lines.
Position the quarter-folded paper with fold edges
on the vertical and horizontal axis lines, place a temp
tape piece where the center cross-hair lines will be
marked, then mark the lines near center on each
side of the folded point. 
4. Trim the vinyl sheet #1 just beyond the narrow
vinyl border. Use the centering target registration
symbol to position the vinyl sheet . . . 
. . . on top of the marked center symbol.
(NOTE that the vinyl sheet #1 in these two pics is shown
without the transfer sheet, but it should be in place
when the sheet is positioned.)
5. Use a couple of pieces of temp tape such as
masking tape to hold the top edges in aligned
position as hinges. Bend the vinyl sheet up at
the hinges, then carefully remove the backing paper.
Carefully "roll" the vinyl sheet down into position
previously established and maintained by hinge tape,
using a squeegee to help the vinyl attach  without bends, folds,
or bubbles. Burnish over the vinyl to help it attach
to the baking sheet.
6. Carefully peel away the transfer tape, leaving
the vinyl in place, including the registration targets.
Remove the centering target symbol.
7. Position vinyl sheet #2 white by aligning the vinyl
target symbols exactly on top of each other.
Tape temporary hinges, bend back to remove
carrier backing, then roll into position, burnish vinyl
into position, and remove transfer tape.
8. Prepare to position and attach layer #3 red vinyl
by aligning and temp taping the banner in place
as for previous layer.
NOTE that the banner layer in this pic is shown
without the transfer tape to help visualize the positioning.
9. Carefully remove the registration target symbols
taking care NOT to scratch the paint surface.
10. Complete the sprig detail elements by lifting
from the vinyl backing paper, then positioning on top
of the layer 1 sprig base. The best order to add these is:
cedar sprig, berry black bases, holly base then half,
berry red overlay.
11. Glue the slider frame onto the magnet sheet.
When glue is dried, carefully trim magnet . . .
. . . around the outer cut edge, and around
the inside frame edge, as neatly at the cut edge
as possible.
12. To count down the days, move the magnet frame
from number to number, centering it within the opening.
13. If desired, attach a hanging ribbon to the baking sheet.

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