Saturday, November 27, 2021

Santa Sack Beard Window

Festive gifting container that imitates a common lunch sack 
with a gnome-ish Santa head on front panel. 
Santa’s beard outline surrounds the clear see-thru panel 
that lends a sneak-peek to the goodies within. 

Decorative top flap wraps over back panel with cut-on tab 
that fits into slot as closure. 
Sack has perforations to fold flat, with doubled floor panels, 
and measures approx. 6.625” tall x 4.5” wide x 1.625” deep 
when closed. 

ASSEMBLY 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A sack front & side panel   C sack back & side panel
D optional flap contrast full size overlay
E beard outline window surround
(NOTE: this shape and some of the following
have been modified to include
a small cutout below mustache edge)
F mustache overlay
G face shape
H eye contrast underlay (NOTE this shape
has been modified to be longer to provide
underlay contrast for small below mustache)
I nose underlay contrast and front
J hat  shape with tassel ball and brim fur overlays
2. Prepare the fold the sack front and back shapes
by observing the following colored diagram to see
where the GREEN perforation lines are for "mountain" folds,
and the RED perforation liness are for "valley" folds.

Refer to the diagrams to bend and fold the cut shapes
on perforation lines according to the diagrams
for front and side panel shape . . .
. . . and back and side panel shape.
3. Position the back/side (left) and front/side shape
panels, then overlap the straight side edge of front
over the edge flange of the back, adjust top to bottom
for alignment of edges or perforations, 
then glue the seam.
4. Position the clear vinyl window panel behind 
the front panel, with clear panel margin beyond window's
cut edges and attach in place.
 One good way to attach the vinyl panel is by using
double sided tape, such as the "Wonder Tape"
product shown here. The double sides tape is attached
in short lengths around window panel edges,
then removing the liner to expose the front adhesive
surface and attaching to backside of sack.
5. NOTE the modified final Santa assembly
illustration showing the location of the mouth
area below the mustache that does not show
on the shapes in the layout AND in the illustrations
shown below.
Begin with the Santa unit assembly
separate shapes.
 Position and attach:
a) mustache over
the matching area of beard outline;
b) nose front over contrast underlay
c) eye contrast behind face shape;
d) brim fur strip at bottom of hat,
and tassel ball centered over hat tip.
6. Position and attach:
a) nose over matching area of mustache;
b) face shape behind beard/mustache
(NOTE that hat does NOT attach
to face or beard unit at this point.)
7. Position and attach the optional contrast flap
shape on the front of the sack front panel where
edges match, and with long straight edge
along the flap fold perforation line.
8. Position and attach the face/beard unit with
beard's inner cut edge aligned with sack cutout
edge (clear window panel is in place), then
position and attach the hat assembly centered above
and abutted next to the top straight face edge.
9. Complete the final side seam of sack by forming
the sack body into a tube to overlap and align
the plain straight edge across the opposite flange
to perforation line, adjust for top to bottom edges
and perforation, then attach.
10. At bottom of sack body, bend the side triangle
tabs inward, back bottom panel inward, then front
panel inward and attach all together in place
to form the sack's double-layer floor.
11. To close the sack after filling,
tuck the flap's tab into the slot.
Here is the finished, filled sack.

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